Anders Newton defends workers’ compensation
claims all over North Carolina.


Our attorneys have over four decades of combined experience defending North Carolina workers’ compensation claims. We understand that clients want issues resolved and cases closed. Reaching the finish line requires prompt communication, aggressive advocacy, and bold ideas.  At Anders Newton, we take a proactive approach to solve problems and deliver results for our clients.




Anders Newton specializes in
workers' compensation defense.


We specialize in representing employers, large and small, and carriers in all facets of workers’ compensation claims all over North Carolina, at all levels of the Industrial Commission, and in state and appellate courts. We defend claims involving workplace accidents as well as occupational exposures. We also draft settlement agreements (aka “clincher agreements”) for clients who have settled claims before
referral to defense counsel.




Although workplace accidents are the most common type of workers'
compensation claims, there is nothing simple about them. 
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Occupational disease claims, especially those involving exposures to potentially toxic substances, are different.
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Anders Newton specializes in promptly and efficiently preparing settlement agreements in settled cases.
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Workers’ compensation subrogation rights can significantly
affect an employer or carrier’s bottom line.
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Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance issues have become prevalent in many workers’ compensation claims.
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Anders Newton is here to help with any workers’ compensation issues you may have. If you have a question about a claims-handling decision, such as the compensability of and/or liability for a claim, possible termination of disability benefits, medical management of a claim, or other aspects of the workers’ compensation process, such as subrogation rights or Medicare compliance, we are here to provide prompt answers and solutions. We are just a phone call, e-mail or click away.


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